Vitesse is a Dutch football club and one of the oldest in Europe. At the beginning of the 13/14 season we were tasked with changing their communication to create much needed excitement and emotion around the club, and to encourage the fans believe in their colours. We developed a series of 15 unique art posters to achieve this, one for each match played at home. 

Agency: United State of Fans / TBWA
Role: Creative Director
Design: United State of Fans / TBWA
Team: Ben Hartman + Kari Shaw + Enric Soldevila


Vitesse fans are very conservative and were slow to adopt the new image. But eventually, match by match, they began collecting them. The more extreme fans even had the iconic eagle tattooed on their bodies.


For the 14/15 season we created a follow up campaign where we replaced Vitesse's name on the artwork, for powerful insights of the team. For instance, "We are one vs NAC Breda", "Father & son vs FC Groningen", "The team of the river Rhine vs PEC Zwolle", ... 
To help raise sales of the away kit, every time the team played out of home, the artworks were made with the away colors.