The Energy Takeover is a global running event that launched adidas’ new Ultra Boost running shoe, and changed everything people expect from a running event. The race turned the real world into a labyrinth - a game of running where runners were challenged to find their own unique route from start to finish. The labyrinth was brought to life through an app. A runner’s smartphone tracked their every movement with geolocation and communicated whether they had hit a wall or not. Along the way, we literally unlocked the city by turning spaces usually hidden from runners into checkpoints.

Agency: United State of Fans / TBWA
Role: Creative Director
Director: Canada
Team: Kari Shaw + Wawa Wang + Mark Van de Vis + Enric Soldevila

Subtle hints were embedded in the environment to guide runners through the labyrinth.

To recruit runners for the race we created different posters for the streets and for social media.

Each runner received a customised medal with their personal route engraved on it.

Every runner was turned into a broadcaster with a specially designed RFID t-shirt. These triggered cameras at checkpoints automatically, and uploaded the content onto their social channels and Once the race was over, runners could log in to see the route they ran and relive the experience.