Development of the global strategy and the digital platform for Nissan to communicate the new sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League. This partnership introduces new ways to enrich the UCL experience, proving what Nissan does best; create innovation that excites. It focuses on the game changers, the engineers of football, the #genius - a moment of pure brilliance that makes you leap off your seat and embrace strangers, all while screaming uncontrollably. 

To find the real #genius of the UEFA Champions League we created a digital platform based on a complex algorithm that calculates the excitement, the tension and the difficulty of the goals. From this the #genius of the week is chosen. The site is being translated into more than 48 languages.

Agency: United State of Fans / TBWA
Role: Strategy / Concept / Art Direction
Digital Development: Kevin Yaun + Mark Van de Vis + DigitasLBi
Team: Ben Hartman + Kari Shaw + Enric Soldevila

You can also experience it for yourself by clicking here.

The algorithm applied to different goals at the same time.

At the end of the season we use the statistics to choose the #genius of the year, and award them the trophy.